Bilder mit Seele

All my works are a process of experiences, intuitions, studies as a Visual Artist - Art Painter, with a metaphorical background that invites the viewer to analyze and open his emotions. They are a result of inspirations in the nature and my imagination. Since 1997 I work with an own and personal style, easy to recognize.


"You are a true artist. I love your paintings, originality, composition, color.
It made me happy to look at them." (Jose F. Caro Pastel Artist and Distinguished Professor of Medicine Emeritus, Indiana, USA)
"I have visited your website and I find it beautiful.
You have a very interesting gallery." (Michael Schäffer, Gallery owner - PanAmericanArte Galerie
- Zeitgenössische Kunst des amerikanischen Kontinents. Regensburg, Germany)


Beautiful Art Works for you!

Beautiful Art Works for your home, office, clinic, hotel and much more. If you want something exclusiv, do not hesitate to ask me any questions about your project. Write me.

© Valeria Hannig
© Valeria Hannig
© Valeria Hannig